Who We Are?

Leading Experts in Labuan IBFC

  • Hans Advisory & Trust Co. Ltd is a trusted and licensed professional company under Labuan Trust Companies Act 1990 & Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010.
  • Over 15 years of experience, we are one of the leading experts in Labuan International Business & Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC). Our team comprises skilled & experienced trust officers, CPAs, and lawyers, providing a full range of premium services.
  • Specializes in seamless incorporation of Labuan entities, ensuring compliance with Labuan IBFC requirements.
  • Offers prestigious Trustee and Escrow Services for high-networth individuals & issued Bonds.
  • Close collaboration with Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) with commitment to promote Labuan IBFC globally.

Our Expertise : Driving Success with Innovative Corporate Solutions

At Hans Advisory & Trust Co. Ltd, our industry-leading expertise empowers businesses with innovative corporate solutions in the following areas:

a. Company Secretarial services

Incorporation and maintenance of:

  • Labuan Company
  • Labuan Foundation
  • Labuan Limited Partnership
  • Labuan Limited Liability Partnership
  • Labuan Protected Cell Companies


b. Trustee Services

Trustee, executor, custodian and escrow agent services for:

  • High Networth Individuals
  • Corporate Bonds or Sukuk Issuance
  • Private Fund and Public Fund
  • Business Transactions


c. License & Compliance Services

Advise, application and Maintenance of:

Banking & Financial Services

- Banking & Islamic Banking, Investment Banking

-  Leasing

-  Factoring

- Money Broking

Insurance & Takaful

- Insurance & Takaful, Insurance Related Businesses

Funds Management

-  Fund Management

-  Mutual Funds : Public & Private Funds

Company  Management Business

Capital Markets

-  Offer of Securities / Sukuk

-  Securities Licensee

-  Labuan Exchanges

Wealth Management

-  Labuan Trust & Labuan Islamic Trust

-  Private Trust Company

Private Foundation & Islamic Foundation

Digital Financial Services

-  Digital Financial Services

-  Credit Token

-  Payment System

-  Crypto or Digital Exchange

- Digital Banking

Commodity Trading

- Labuan International Commodity Trading Company (LITC)

Ship Registry

- Malaysian International Ship Registry


d. Tax Advisory on High Value Assets

Provide Mid-shore Tax Planning Solutions for:

  • Aviation assets e.g. Helicopters and Private Jets
  • Shipping assets e.g. cargo ship, tugs and barges
  • Oil & Gas Platforms and Equipment
  • Commodities
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Port, Logging and Mining Facilities
  • High Value Movable Assets e.g. Art Pieces and Antiques.


e. Other Support Services

  • Redomicile of Offshore company
  • Recruitment & Payroll services
  • Provision of Operational Office
  • Administration, accounting, legal, and taxation support
  • Employment pass and special visa arrangements
  • Personalised services for High Networth Individuals

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Our Vision & Mission Statements, & Core Values

  • Vision Statement:

To be the Preferred Company Secretary, Regulatory Compliance Advisor and Trustee for clients in Mid-shore Centres of Labuan and Dubai.

  • Mission Statement:

To provide our clients with Professional & Personalised advisory solutions to enable them to achieve the most Effective Tax and Efficient Corporate Structures, and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Our Core Values:

Hans Corporate Video

  • Corporate Video of Hans : embedded from Youtube channel


Profile of Board of Directors

Tang Kae Sue

Tang Kae Sue, founder & director of Hans Advisory, is a highly accomplished professional with extensive expertise in foreign investment, cross-border tax planning, and mid-shore matters. Her notable achievements include:

  • Graduated from Faculty of Accountancy, University Malaya
  • Previously with Pricewaterhouse Coopers, KL
  • 2004 The Most Outstanding Young Certified Public Accountant Awards recipient (MICPA)
  • 2001 The Most Outstanding Youth Awards recipient (Ministry of Youth and Sport)
  • Member of Malaysia Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA)
  • Member of Malaysia Institute of Accountants (MIA)
  • Focus into advisory for foreign investment, cross border tax planning and offshore related matters
  • Trust Officer
  • Admitted as one of AACSB’s 2020 Class of Influential Leaders Challenge Honoree

Sue is a respected speaker at conferences, sharing insights on Labuan IBFC and financial services industry compliance matters.

She coaches entrepreneurs on effective business structures for mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, and capital-raising with a compliance focus (AML & CFT, FATCA, CRS, and OECD models).


Beyond her work, Sue actively contributes to NGOs and supports education and art therapy initiatives through her artistic talents and exhibitions.

Mohamad Akbal Mohd Yunos

Mohamad Akbal Mohd Yunos is a highly accomplished professional in the financial services industry, with over 30 years of expertise. As the Director cum Trust Officer of Hans Advisory, he brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to his role. His notable achievements include:

  • Previously served at Labuan Financial Service Authority (LFSA) in positions of Head of Group Internal Audit, Head of Group Policy and Regulation, Head of Registration of Companies and Head of Research and Development
  • Previously Adjunct Professor of Faculty of Economics and Management, University Putra Malaysia
  • Graduated from Master of Business Administration, Saint Louise University, USA
  • Certificate of Risk Management from National University of Singapore
  • Member of Institute of Internal Auditor Malaysia
  • Member of Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers
  • Certified Professional Risk Manager, Asian Risk Management Institute

En. Akbal brings expertise in internal audit, risk management, internal control, corporate governance, and compliance, making him a valuable asset to Hans Advisory and the financial services industry.

Our Achievements : Pioneering Corporate Services

Hans Advisory’s pioneering approach in delivering exceptional corporate services have shaped success stories for countless businesses including:

  • Incorporate > 1,000 companies
  • Setup > 50 financial institutions
  • Tax Planning for > 100 high value assets (aircrafts, ship, etc)
  • Completed the 1st permanent ship registry in Labuan
  • Established the 1st & 2nd Private Trust Company in Labuan