Limited Liability Partnership

Labuan Limited Liability Partnership

  • Business entity that gives the benefits of a limited liability of a company & flexibility of the partnership.
  • The Labuan LLP shields partners from liability of obligations created by another partner’s misconduct..
  • Minimum of 2 partners (one designated & one limited).
  • Members are protected from personal liability, limited to their investment and partnership agreement terms.
  • Labuan LLP is taxable for income tax but tax-exempt on distributions from after-tax profits.
  • Suitable for professionals ie legal, accountant, tax advisors, to protect against claims caused by other partner’s incompetency, error and omission.

Labuan Islamic Limited Partnership

  • A Labuan Islamic Limited Partnership can also be registered, by appointing a qualified Shariah adviser as per LIFSSA.
  • The duties of the Shariah adviser is to ensure Shariah compliance.



Incorporation Agent

Appoint a Labuan Trust Company to undertake Due diligence before registration.


Form 1

Partnership Agreement


To include "Limited Partnership", "Ltd.P.", "LP" or "L.P" (other approved abbreviations are allowed).

Operational Requirements



Shariah Adviser

Qualified Shariah Adviser (for Labuan Islamic LP only)

Company Secretary

Appoint at least 1 resident secretary

Registered Office

Principal Office of Company Secretary

Registration & Annual Fees

a) Registration Fee & Certification of Registration : USD315

b) Annual Fee : USD300  (payable by the anniversary registration date)

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Comparison between Limited Partnership & Limited Liability Partnership