Limited Partnership

Labuan Limited Partnership

  • A business entity comprising two or more partners jointly operate a business.
  • Minimum of two partners, 1 general partner & 1 limited partner, and up to maximum of 50 partners.
  • Partners can be corporations, except for professional practice firms with natural persons having professional indemnity insurance.
  • Role of Partners

General Partner

Limited Partner

General Partner has management control, share property and profits, and has joint and several liabilities for debts.

Limited Partner contribute capital but have no involvement in daily operations. They are not liable as general partners unless they participate in management.

Labuan Islamic Limited Partnership

  • A Labuan Islamic Limited Partnership can also be registered, by appointing a qualified Shariah adviser as per LIFSSA.
  • The duties of the Shariah adviser is to ensure Shariah compliance.



Incorporation Agent

Appoint a Labuan Trust Company to undertake Due diligence before registration.


Form 1

Partnership Agreement


To include "Limited Partnership", "Ltd.P.", "LP" or "L.P" (other approved abbreviations are allowed).

Operational Requirements



Shariah Adviser

Qualified Shariah Adviser (for Labuan Islamic LP only)

Company Secretary

Appoint at least 1 resident secretary

Registered Office

Principal Office of Company Secretary

Registration & Annual Fees

a) Registration Fee & Certification of Registration : USD315

b) Annual Fee : USD300  (payable by the anniversary registration date)

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Comparison between Limited Partnership & Limited Liability Partnership