Protected Cell Companies

Protected Cell Companies

  • May be incorporated as a Labuan Company or converted from an existing Labuan Company.
  • A limited liability company with a legal entity that has the ability to form ‘Cells’
  • The cells of a PCC may comprise:
  1. A single core cell for holding non-cell assets or general assets; OR
  2. Any number of cells for segregating & protecting the assets of each cell
  • While not separate legal entities, each individual cell operates independently under the Labuan PCC umbrella.

Advantages of PCC

  • Flexibility to hold diverse assets classes for individual investor objectives, while maintaining cell independence.
  • The permitted activities for a Labuan PCC are limited to the following:
  1. a) Labuan captive insurance business (as per LFSSA),
  2. b) Labuan captive takaful business (as per LIFSSA)
  3. c) Labuan Mutual Fund business (as per LFSSA)
  4. d) Labuan Islamic Mutual Fund business (as per LIFSSA)

Licensing  Requirements

Operational Requirements