Crypto Exchange & Digital Exchange

Crypto Exchange & Digital Exchange

  • Digital platform that offers digital asset issuers to list their digital assets (including cryptocurrencies) for investors to invest or trade in ‘crypto to crypto’, ‘fiat to crypto’ and/or ‘crypto to fiat’.
  • In embracing the digital economy, Labuan Exchanges are further permitted to include the listing of digital securities and trading of security tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Innovative Financial Services (IFS) framework

  • The Innovative Financial Services (IFS) framework in Labuan IBFC allows applicants to creatively apply for a combination of licenses for preferential tax rates and to achieve specific objectives:
  1. Credit Token license
  2. Labuan payment system license
  3. Labuan Money broker license
  4. Labuan Fund Manager license
  5. Crypto or digital exchange license
  • For example :
  1. With a digital credit token license, the license holder can issue tokens for listing via the Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  2. With a crypto exchange or digital exchange license, the holder can create a crypto exchange platform for trading of these tokens or other digital assets

Licensing  Requirements

Operational Requirements