Other Support Services

Comprehensive Support Solutions for Mid-Shore Companies

  • We offer a suite of professional support services tailored to mid-shore companies in Labuan IBFC, which are designed to enhance operational efficiency & maximize business potential:
  1. Redomiciliation: Facilitate seamless transfer of offshore companies to Labuan IBFC, ensuring compliance.
  2. Recruitment & Payroll: Hire qualified professionals, manage payroll, and ensure statutory compliance.
  3. Operational Office: Offer fully equipped workspaces to establish a presence in Labuan.
  4. Admin, Accounting, Legal & Taxation: Handle day-to-day administrative and compliance requirements.
  5. Employment Pass & Special Visa: Assist with smooth immigration process for employees and dependents.
  6. Personalized Services: Manage wealth and enhance financial security for high net worth
  • Streamline operations, enhance compliance, and focus on core strategies with our Other Support Services. Partner with us at Hans Advisory for success in Labuan IBFC.
  • Contact us today for tailored solutions that benefit your business.